Written by twinspark on Friday November 2, 2018

Hi, my names are Paul Kariuki. A registered Graduate Engineer with the ERB and a web designer/web developer with 5 years experience in PHP web development of SaaS platforms and various local platforms on top of web design.

How did I start Kijani Software?

On November 2017 I started Kijani Software as an invoicing platform for SMBs. But over the course of running it I noticed very little activity on the platform. Sometimes things don't work out the way one would expect; so on August 2018 I chose to cut my losses by pivoting it to web design.

Why did I start Kijani Software?

My main aim for starting Kijani Software is not only to bring to the market web designs that run on clean code but also build websites that run on the latest software engineering trends of MVC and modular design. No bloatware in the form of cumbersome CMS's. Just performant websites that are aesthetically pleasing. This is not the mere download and installation of themes. I WRITE CODE. A good web designer needs to know his/her programming skills.

I also build premade websites that you can purchase and install on your domain. No project scoping. No milestones. Just buy the premade website then I'll install it for you.

Got a problem with your website? I can fix that for you.

Written by twinspark on Friday November 2, 2018

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