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Date created: Mar, 18, 2019

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Kenya Water Institute

Built With: Joomla!

Seriously many government websites need to serious revamps. Take the case of Kenya Water Institute's website. Looks like a pre-resonsive era website. I don't know who really visits it. Arial fonts everywhere and the template looks all Joomla-ish. And...

Voila! It is using a Joomla template; it's using a template called Honbect. The template uses Bootstrap 2.x.x judging from all the span* classes in use everywhere.
Color scheme looks dull. Boxed layout. And the homepage slider has an anomaly in its transitions. Have a look at it.

Verdict: Really needs a revamp/redesign.

Live Preview/Site


Any criticisms about the design? Or you want to say something positive about the design? Comment below. Web Design is really group effort.