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Date created: Mar, 03, 2019

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Built With: MediaWiki

Ever since Wikipedia came out with the MonoBook theme it has always looked good. I don't know how it achieves the cool look that is not uncluttered yet presents densely packed information with lots of links. The paragraphs do not look like walls of text.

Unfortunately, the skin for the site rides on a lot of complex code. If you have ever taken a peek into the PHP code behind the theme you could literally cry. Add on to the complexity a MonoBook.js file and you've got a lot of work to do to customize the theme.

Question is: have the developers of Wikipedia ever looked at using a templating language to separate the "business login" from the views logic. I mean Twig is really a good choice and can handle Wikipedia's templating. Smarty too. I don't know about Blade if it could be used independent of Laravel.

What do you think?

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Any criticisms about the design? Or you want to say something positive about the design? Comment below. Web Design is really group effort.