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Date created: Jun, 18, 2019

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Founded in 1010, in 1954 it became the official capital of independent Vietnam.
A peaceful city of lakes with leafy boulevards, Hanoi lies at the heart of the northern Red River Delta and somehow reflects an European feel.

Especially the streets of the Old Quarter preserve age-old customs, where trade
takes one back half a century, and temples, pagodas
and monuments reflect the historic character of Vietnam.
In this area there are many hotels which have been recently refurbished with
a special care to the traditional architecture and
design. Hanoi Hotels are surprisingly modest but preserve
a unique charming environment.

Some of them are set in historical buildings: the Ritz Hotel for example or Joy Hotel Return Hotel,
the Pearls hotel, the Old street Hotel, Y Van Riverside Hotel,
Hanoi Plaza hotel and Hanoi Queen Plaza. They are all front
serene Hoan Kiem lake and - quite surprisingly for
the standard they provide-, the prices are extremely cheap.
Spending a night in any of these Vietnamese hotels will
cost you from around 3,5 euros per person up to 15 euros
per person. Although Hanoi, and Vietnam in general, have been absorbing a tourist boom since1993, which of course has seen an infiltration of western-style
food and fashions into the once inaccessible city, Hanoi has retained its appealing sense of the old world.

This means that the city provides many services for tourists as nice boutique hotels, internet cafés and restaurants offering wide range of food.
Do not forget that tourism has in general a bad influence in the way local people live, too often being responsible for
changing their tastes, habits and underlining economic gaps and unequal access to resources.
So forth, it is important each one of us makes a difference in the way
we wish to live the city.

Respecting local traditions and habits is important, from
the way of dressing to general behaviour while in public areas, to gender differences roles.
Regarding shopping for example, do not indulge in mass tourist souvenirs.
Sometimes, the best way to take home part of the spirit, is taking a good shot,
or buying some spices, or typical things that a local person would buy.

From a notebook, to a normal pen, or a traditional t-shirt or a votive candle or a
dolly used by Hanoi girls. This will help much more the local community than anything

The hotels listed above are also Vietnamese run and your money will not feed some Western Fat Industries.

Think about it.

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