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Legislation Monitoring and Corporate Media Analytics

As laws are passed, Knowledge Management (KM) lawyers ensure that the fee earner sees the most accurate version of a statute - at all times. If a new law amends a statute section or repeals it, KM has to consult with legal publishers in various agencies in order to get the most accurate version. This is a profoundly daunting task for the 'KM-er' due to the calls, the emails, the paperwork! :(

Logic gathers this information seamlessly, so you can continue thinking big.

Thinking big? Yes! Also, by reviewing a statute, a lawyer needs to understand how it has been interpreted and applied in a case. Logic also finds that for you.

What this means is that when a law changes through repeals, amendments and by judicial interpretation, Logic analyses it instantly.

Why bother with Sentiment Analytics? We get news from different sources like traditional print, radio, television and social media. We depend on news to know what is happening in our surroundings and to make smarter choices like when and where to buy stuff or which people to elect into office. When it comes to business, we become curious about which industry to invest in. We look to current industry trends, corporate news, best practice company’s features and other related information about corporate industry. In short, news has a pivotal role in all fields.

So what Nasta does is that it researches unstructured data coming from these sources and predicts a polarity computation on how a particular topic might influence reactions.

When not analyzing News Headlines, Nasta can be plugged into your CRM system to predict product or service sentiment from your customers

When not in use the bots rest on your task bar.

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Mwago Gatahi

- Founder & CEO -

Mwago is the Creator of Wakili.ai. A non-practising lawyer, his personal penchant is the law firm library. Focusing his career around legal research and technology, Mwago sought to combine the two and make his mark in the industry. A previous co-founder in SheriaSoft (www.sheriasoft.com), he demands lawyers quit being luddites and embrace technology.