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Written by twinspark on Sunday January 20, 2019

Sometimes, your website may have an issue that does not necessitate a full website redesign. Issues such as minor layout updates, style changes, hack repairs, site and plugin updates do not require full web design services; instead they can be quickly fixed so that you can go ahead using your website.

For only Ksh 1,000 we can fix your website promptly and professionally.

Here are some of the issues we can fix.

You want to change your site's colors. Ksh 1,000
Your site has a few misalinged elements e.g. a misaligned navigation menu or footer or a misaligned picture in the body copy. Ksh 1,000
You want to change your website's fonts or add a slider or a certain small feature. Ksh 1,000
You are too busy to update your website's software (e.g. WordPress) or its plugins or you do not know how to do it on your own. Ksh 1,000
You want to move your website to a new server or a new domain. We can do the migration for you. Ksh 1,000
You've been shut out of your own website and you do not know how to get back in. Ksh 1,000
Your site is printing errors all over or it is loading blank pages. Ksh 1,000

How To Request For a Website Fix

If you would like to request for a website repair do not hesitate to call 0741 174610. I'll then ask you what the issue is then I'll proceed to see how we can fix it.

Written by twinspark on Sunday January 20, 2019

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