Ground Rules

Written by twinspark on Friday November 2, 2018

Ground Rules a.k.a the Rules that I would like you, my potential client, to adhere to before you engage me in any web design/web development project.

  • All my prices are NON-NEGOTIABLE.
  • Respect my expertise. Belittling my expertise in any way is a big NO. Criticise appropriately but do not demean my work.
  • I am here to solve your web design/web development problems. If you, my dear potential client, feel that my work is to solely implement your idea(s) then you are not the client I want to work with.
  • Do you have your website's content ready before looking for a web designer? You are the kind of client I want to work with. If you do not have any content at the moment but you want a website then I am sorry to tell you this: you are barking the wrong tree. Get your content ready before engaging me for web design/web development services.
  • My web design services DO NOT come with the task of sourcing images for your site.
  • Please do not request for special offers. I do not offer those unless I explicitly state it on Kijani Web Solution's website.
  • This is not WordPress.
  • Wed Design is not an easy job. If you think that your project is "just an easy, 5 minute task" that I can do quickly then you are NOT the kind of client I want to work with.
  • Please limit your calls to only within BUSINESS HOURS. I will not respond nor pick calls after business hours.

Written by twinspark on Friday November 2, 2018

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